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Keyword and Market Research

There must be enough of a demand for any product or service to be profitable. The best ideas when no one wants them, just sit on shelves. We're looking to answer these questions:

  • Is there a Demand for my market?
  • Which market is there a Stronger Demand?
  • Do I still want to pursue this/these markets?
  • I don't care if there's a Demand, I just want to do it!
Follow these next videos in order, they build on each other. When you've finished them, you will know the answers to the previous questions, and make intelligent decisions on which direction to take.

Participation is required, dig deep to Discover your next Direction.

The previous step helped you to discover your Natural Talents, these next steps will help you discover what the public has been searching for.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you may find out people just need a better alignment. Find a need and fill it.


Each video opens in a new window.
You can close these new windows at any time.

Video 1: (14:00 mins)
Learn How to Determine the
Interest in a Market You Selected


Video 2: (9:26 mins)
Generating the Averages To
Help Make Intelligent Decisions


Video 3: (12:39 mins)
Bringing the Data Together
to Have Something to Compare


Video 4: (9:10 mins)
Filtering Out the Good Stuff


Video 5: (19:47 mins)
Using Google Trends With Our
Data to Confirm a Decision



After you're satisfied with your keyword research to determine the search volume's of your keywords,

Click here if you're tired of "Wondering" How People Think,
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