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Keyword: Synonyms, Thesaurus, and the Dictionary

Gone are the days of trying to rank well on search engines by using the same keywords, over and over to trick them.

Search engines have progressively improved at understanding what a page is about. So the best way to rank well using one form of Search Engine Optimization is to make the overall contents of the page and site strong without repitition.

Let's use for example, you have a site related to different types of exercise, aerobic music, and you want to rank well in the search engines for that phrase. Taking each word individually, we want to generate as many different keywords as possible that are related and relevant to your most important keyword phrase.

In this example, our most important keyword phrase is "aerobic music". Using keyword tools at our disposal that have been covered in these teachings, we can generate many, many keywords to get us started at writing content that has a better chance at ranking well than the majority of sites out there.

Then convert that group of terms into a story, keeping the visitor glued to your site until they're ready to buy.

1st base word:Aerobics

Let's take the first word, aerobic, and start generating keywords related to it.

Consider these: Fitness, exercise, physical, walking, gym, step, spinning, toil, calisthenics, daily constitutional, aerobic instructor, routines, track, warm up, thrust, work out, drills, set, Olympic, competitive, sport training, cool down, dynamics, high energy, intense, turn straddle, stepping up, stepping down, spinning, students, kickboxing.

2nd base word:Music

Let's take the second word, music, and start generating keywords related to it.

Consider these: Hearing, opus, mood setting, musical score, rhythm, cadence, beating base, upbeat tempo, 32 count, 120 beat per minute, movement, tune, musical phrase, lyrics, instrument, arrangement, rehearsed, beats, Anthems, played, Broadway, classical melody, verse, composition, piece, chorus, musicality, selections, workout music, songs, refrains, themes, playing, oldies, low tempo, fitness music, synchronized, dance music, musical taste, jazz, hip hop, classical rock, Motown, disco, hymns, gospel music, download music.

Having a large list of related and relevant keywords is a great start, but you have to create a story that makes sense. Readers will quickly learn whither it's a story or just spam.

Look at this example how these keywords can be turned into an interesting, meaningful and helpful story.


This is a very well written page, will not be considered spam by the search engines, because it's filled with keyword phrases of many different terms, and search engines will give it strength on a variety of keyword terms, not just aerobic music.

This practice is not as convenient for every page on your site, but should be considered on a few pages to help give your site strength and help pages that aren't as focused on the search terms you want to rank well on to get free traffic to your site.

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