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How To Use Google's New Keyword Planner™ Guide

Google has changed their Keyword Tool, it is now called the Keyword Planner™. Along with a name change, it has also changed how some of the features work. The videos below demonstrate how to use the new Google Keyword Planner™ to find your Bulls Eye keyword for marketing your products or services, or using this system in your business to market other companies products and services to obtain better Click Through Rates (CTR), higher Quality Scores, and a better user experience using Google Adwords.™

To get the most out of these videos and your Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts, they are designed to be used with Glenn Livingston's Hyper Responsive Club that teaches how to understand a market of your choice using proper thorough investigation.

I have also created two additional reference guides to go along with Glenn's Hyper Responsive Club first month's training on finding the best Archery Target keywords for your market. After months of my own research using the Bulls Eye keyword research, sometimes I needed a cross-reference to all the amazing videos Glenn provides in his training, and I find these useful. I will send them to you after you join his Hyper Responsive Club. Just contact me after you join and I'll send them to you. They are of no benefit without his training videos, but are great as reference material as you're finding the best keywords for your PPC marketing.

The videos below explain how to use Google's New Keyword Planner™ in conjunction with Glenn's training. The Planner can change without notice, and I'll try to keep you up to date on what's changed.


Google's New Keyword Planner™ Features:

Video 1 (time 13:36)
Collecting Keywords To Form
Archery Target Candidates.

Video 2 (time 12:41)
Collecting Keywords, Search Volume, CPC
For Scoring To Find Bulls Eye keyword.

Video 3 (time 6:30)
Find Estimated Costs of Archery Target
For Budget Purposes.

Video 4 (time 4:03)
Find Search Volume & CPC Of Common/Opposite Keywords
For Quick Reference Of Related Markets.
(this is extra and not part of Glenn's videos,
but meant just to complete new Google Keyword Planner.)

Glenn Livingston's Hyper Responsive Club


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