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Importance of Hyperlinks

If something is important, you point to it. When you point, people look at what you're pointing to, it's just natural. Imagine standing on a street corner, and pointing upward, you know people are going to stop and look up.

Links are one method a site communicates to people what it thinks about another site, be it bad or good. The wording of that link is going to pre-identify what you think about it. Also it prepares that visitor of what to expect. That's why hyperlinks are important to use keywords as part of what someone clicks on.

Just saying "click here" gives no benefit to the site its pointing to, unless that's the name of your site, so if someone wants to link to you, ask them to use one of your keywords as part of that text they will click on.

You can get some idea of who is linking to a site at Google by typing the following in their search window.   or

Yahoo has a site dedicated to finding links within their search found at , just enter a domain name to find who's pointing to a site.

This can be helpful when you want to find who might point to you. Finding who is pointing to your competition, means they're willing to point to other sites, so enter your competitions domain in the search, and this might be a good starter list to consider.

Just because a site points to you, is also not always a positive thing. You can't prevent someone from pointing to you since you can't edit their HTML code, but you can control who you ask. Things to consider before you ask a site to link to you are:

  • What kind of people come to their site? If I have a blog, do I want them posting comments on my blog?
  • What is their Alexa rank? The lower their Alexa number, the higher the traffic volume they have. Go to and you can get their toolbar to add to your browser, or just enter a domain at Alexa, to find what their traffic rank is.
  • What is their Google Page rank? A high page rank is better than a lower one. The range is 0 - 10. A high page rank pointing to you can help your page rank. Higher page ranks can also help you rank higher in the search engines. A site with a higher Page Rank may mean other sites with high page ranks are pointing to them, so you can get some benefit for more than just that one site.
  • Should you link back to sites that link to you? Link-Love is referred to as sharing or exchanging links between sites. But if a site does not compliment your site, it can be a negative factor on pointing to them. You also want to point to sites that compliment yours, not compete with yours.

Use these methods to build up the strength of your site, add fresh content weekly, show you can be a source to rely on for them to want to come back to.

So the question is:

What can be done to get more links pointing to my site? How do I find sites that are Related and Relevant to point to me? What are some other good strategies to generate incoming links?

I'm glad you asked, this next page is something new, unique, and extremely helpful in finding Related and Relevant incoming links.

Let's get started with finding helpful links...


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